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Taiwanese Snack Making Class 


0pen for registration now! Spaces are limited, please find  flyers for more details.

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New Registration Fee and Welcome Pack


From September 2023, a registration fee of 30 GBP (which includes a welcome pack) will be applied to every newly registered learner.


Taiwan five-star hotel chefs demonstrating Taiwanese gourmet cuisines in Chinese Learning Paradise -Taiwan Centre for Mandarin Learning in Kent.

Taiwanese government officials visiting our centre

Henry Mahony's Taiwan Trip Video Diary

The university-aged learner in our centre, Henry Mahony, was sponsored by the Taiwanese Government to tour around Taiwan and visited Mandarin centres in Taiwan in December, 2022. This is his video diary sharing his amazing adventures in Taiwan. Thank you to the Taiwanese government for offering this wonderful opportunity for learners in Taiwan Centre for Mandarin Learning a chance to explore the pride, culture and beauty of Taiwan.

Grand Opening Ceremony

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