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Meet our team: News
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Head of the Centre

Crystal Tseng

I am the head  of the Taiwan Centre for Mandarin learning in Kent, UK as well as the founder and headmistress of Chinese Learning Paradise.


I am grateful for the recognition from the Taiwan government for me to run the second Taiwan Centre for Mandarin Learning in the UK. With our strong management team and dedicated teachers, I am confident to provide our adult learners quality Mandarin teaching and enjoyable learning experiences.


We have 3 very experienced teachers to lead our Mandarin learning lessons. Our teachers are dedicated, approachable and open to new ideas. They will be there to guide you through the language learning and cultural experiences.

Candy Chang

My name is Candy. I am a Mandarin teacher and an interpreter. I moved to England in 2011 and obtained my TCSOL qualifications in 2015. I find teaching Mandarin to children and adults fascinating. It gives me a great sense of achievement and happiness to see students learning from pinyin, numbers and to be able to recognise characters. Students like to hear me talking about history, culture, delicious food and various kinds of traditions. What would you like to know? Please join us and tell me.

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Casalina Hadlow

I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, where I taught elementary school children English.  I then moved on to teaching adults, working as a teaching assistant to a foreign tutor helping with administration, teaching and lesson planning. I also tutored my foreign colleagues Chinese. Language teaching is what I’m passionate about.  I have been lucky to be able to travel to many places and the one thing that brings the people together, is the ability to communicate.
With Chinese now becoming one of the major world languages there is a growing importance to learn this beautiful and fascinating  language.
I believe that learning any language should be practical, applicable and useful. The learning process should be made as fun and as interesting as possible.  I look forward to taking that journey with you.

Meet our team: News

Archer Huang

My name is Archer Huang. I have a background in Taiwanese literature and also theatre performance, specialising in sound and voice. Therefore, I very much enjoy bringing a theatrical experience into the classroom together with Taiwanese culture.
I have worked as a Mandarin customer service trainer at Amazon for 2 years, hence capable of virtual and in classroom teaching. It is such a pleasure to join the TCML family and to teach students. The sense of pride and fulfillment I feel when my students achieve their language goals is immeasurable. It's an emotional journey of nurturing, supporting, and watching students blossom into confident language learners. Teaching Mandarin is not just a profession; it's a profound connection to the future, where cultural bridges are built, and the world becomes a more united and understanding place.


 Yawen Chang

I am Yawen Chang, born in Taipei, Taiwan. My background is in Information Management, and I enjoy learning and teaching systematically and scientifically. Additionally, I am a foodie who loves spicy food a lot and a travel bug who has travelled to 15 countries. During my time in Taiwan, I worked as a System Product Manager, frequently explaining and demonstrating detailed product information to clients from around the world. Over the years, my experience has fueled my passion for teaching, leading me to embark on the path of teaching Mandarin. I believe that Mandarin is not just a language; it is a bridge connecting people to Chinese culture, cuisine, religion, and various aspects of life. I am honoured to teach at TCML and look forward to meeting all of you. I firmly believe that learning Mandarin can bring you unprecedented experiences, and I hope you will join me on this journey of exploring the Mandarin language!

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