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About Taiwan Centre for Mandarin Learning in Kent, UK

Chinese Learning Paradise is honoured to be chosen by the Taiwanese government to be the second Taiwan Centre for Mandarin Learning in the UK, following the setup in London. The Centre aims to provide Mandarin learning programmes for adults over 18 years of age. We will start with beginner level in the first year. As the lessons progress, we will continue to provide intermediate and higher-level Mandarin courses.


We also welcome schools, institutions or companies to contact us for more customised Mandarin courses.

We believe that language and culture go together. One must learn more than just the language itself in order to master its use. By joining us, you will be learning both the Chinese Mandarin language and cultural activities.

Taiwan Centre for Mandarin Learning Official Website-
A useful link to all resources and centres around the world

Taiwan Center For Mandarin Learning 臺灣華語文學習中心 (

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Why teach/learn traditional Chinese?

Our centre aims to promote traditional Chinese characters. Traditional Chinese characters are used in Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong and many overseas communities.

For those who have previously learned simplified Chinese: The main lesson content in our textbook has both traditional Chinese characters and simplified Chinese characters to help guide you between the transition of the two ways of Chinese writing.

Please click the Youtube link below to hear the feedback from those students who learned traditional Chinese in the Taiwan language centres from all over the world.

 An Introduction to Taiwan Centre for Mandarin Learning

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